By Invite OnlyRoundtable for Family Offices: Using a Dynamic Asset Allocation Approach
Main ConferenceRegistration & Coffee networking
Welcome by SVCA
Keynote Fireside: Asia and the world: Inside the dynamics of a changing relationship
Is Asia Still the Future of Growth in a Highly Volatile Global Environment

This panel will discuss how geopolitics have been, and could continue to affect investment flows and allocations in Asia and the rest of the world. Are some markets perceived to carry higher risks than others? Where are the bright spots?

Networking Break
Panel: Lessons Learned In the Most Recent Tech Cycle

- Market dynamics & volatility – Southeast Asia vs global in the Covid era
- Enhanced diligence and financial management approaches
- Looking ahead: Exit paths and expanded ecosystem

Panel: Paving the way to the most optimal exit

- Return of IPOs: Top listing destinations for Southeast Asian businesses
- Strategic sales: who are the most active buyers today?
- Secondaries: still the quickest exit?

Fireside Chat: Building Successful Businesses in Southeast Asia

Showcasing PE-backed businesses and the different strategies to helping local businesses in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand scale amidst the changing political environment in the region.

Networking Lunch
Panel: Private credit in Asia

- Drivers of private credit as a sub asset class, return profile
- Appeal of private credit in emerging versus developed Asia
- Making the case for debt over equity in Southeast Asia

Debate: Too much Greenwashing has led to green-hushing (Chatham House Rules applies)
How are different investors allocating to Asia? (Chatham House Rules applies)

- What are the bright spots in Asia for institutional investors versus family offices?
- Private equity or venture or private credit: return expectations
- infrastructure and real estate: protection against inflation?

Closing Panel: Singapore as a sustainable finance and philanthropy hub: The making of a complete ecosystem

SVCA leads this closing fireside segment engaging key stakeholders

Cocktail Networking