Peter Choe (CEO of Blintn)

Peter Choe

CEO of Blintn

Blintn is a platform that supports the creation of a more mature content (Film and TV) financing environment. They provide specialized service in content production financing, and by doing so, create a more effective and reliable production financing mechanism. They select required information for investors who are having trouble accessing proven financing information in the fast-growing content industry.

Won Dong Yeon (CEO of Realies Pictures)

Won Dong Yeon

CEO of Realies Pictures

One of the top-tier productions in Korea which produced films like the “Along with the Gods” series and “Masquerade”, which ranked in the all-time box office top 10 films, surpassing the box office revenue of “The Avengers” and “Frozen” in Korea and broke box office records with its release throughout Asia.