Why do fund managers from the alternative asset industry (private equity, venture capital, hedge funds etc.) need their investment portfolios valued? What approaches are applied to value the significant parts of their investments, which are illiquid and not part of an observable market? Is "calibration" necessarily a "market participant" assumption? Are there specific guidelines for portfolio valuations? How can fund managers ensure a nonbiased valuation? What has been the impact of economic uncertainties on fair value estimates and how does current public market volatility impact such estimates? What are the critical points to consider while valuing early state investments? Why and how are debt instruments valued? Why do LPs and fund-of-funds need fair valuation from their GPs?

Questions and issues with regard to portfolio valuations for the Alternative Asset Industry are growing in volume and importance, more so during the current uncertain environment and increase focus on governance. The workshop aims to provide answers to some of the questions above and discuss various issues and best practices.



Venture Capital Fund Managers

Private Equity Fund Managers

Start-up and Established Entrepreneurs

Family Offices

Angel Investors

Business Consultants Advisers

Capital Market Regulators Investment Officers

Pension Fund Managers

Corporate Venture Managers

Insurance Fund Managers

Business Valuation Personnel


16 OCT 2024

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