Master M&A Success:

Unleash the power of M&A with expert guidance. Learn the ins and outs of M&A tools, uncover synergies, and conquer valuation dilemmas. Gain essential skills for navigating the entire M&A life-cycle, from inception to integration.

Strategic Insights and Tactics:

Delve into advanced strategies employed by private equity giants like KKR and Carlyle. Grasp the nuances of deal structuring, regulatory methods, due diligence techniques and post acquisition integration. Uncover innovative ideas through real-world case studies across diverse global markets.

Interactive Learning Experience:

Immerse yourself in the world of M&A through an interactive negotiation game. Discover how to maximize sale value and repel unwanted M&A attacks. Elevate your understanding of staged acquisitions with a focus on leveraged buyouts and the crucial role of investment banks like Goldman Sachs.


  • Navigate Regulatory Landscape: Understand regulatory intricacies in M&A across listed, unlisted, and startup companies.
  • Master M&A Challenges: Develop strategies to tackle challenges inherentin M&A transactions, post acquisition management and integration.
  • Defense Strategies for Targets: Learn how targets can effectively defendagainst unwanted M&A advances.
  • Enhance M&A Proficiency: Amplify skill sets crucial for a thriving career inM&A, acknowledging its growing strategic significance.
  • Synergies and Financing: Learn to quantify and capture synergies,exploring innovative acquisition financing methods.
  • Buyouts and Deal Dynamics: Grasp buyout dynamics, deal structuring,and the application of key financial instruments.
  • Valuation Insights: Gain insights into bridging valuation gaps.
  • Screening: Establishing acquisition criteria and screen potential targets
  • Negotiation Acumen: Learn how to negotiate the most critical issues in a Letter of Intent and recognize the subtleties of negotiating successful M&A deals.



Private Equity Fund Managers

Corporate Strategy and M&A Professionals

Venture Capital Fund Managers

Commercial Bankers

Investment Officers

Capital Market Regulators


Sovereign Wealth Fund Professionals

Legal Professionals

Investment and Merchant Bankers

Business Consultants

Wealth Managers

Startups and Growth Businesses


4 MAR 2024

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